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Lakewood Lodge Camp Gear List 2023

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Lakewood Lodge Camp-Monday 3-Wednesday 5 April

Lakewood Lodge Camp-Monday 3-Wednesday 5 April

If you have any questions, please contact Fee McAree.

Gear List

We will be getting dirty! Please send old clothes!

Please name every item!

1 sleeping bag

1 pillow and case 


4 old pairs of pants

4 t-shirts

3 sweat-shirts or jumpers

2 pairs of OLD sneakers

4 pairs of shorts

1 pair of pjs

6 pairs of socks

6 pairs of underpants

1 sun hat

3 big towels

2 face cloths

1-2 sets of togs 

1 warm jacket

1 rain jacket

torch (optional)

gumboots (optional)



shower gel/soap

1 dinner plate (plastic)

1 bowl (plastic)

1 set of cutlery

1 cup (plastic)

water bottle

small backpack/the student’s school bag

4 plastic bags for wet or dirty clothes

baking or a couple of packets of biscuits

morning tea and a packed lunch for day 1

a book to read 

a game that can be shared with others -(cards, Connect 4 (optional)

NO phones or devices

medicines (These must be discussed and signed to fee/Val)






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