Announcement : 

Nau mai haere mai, welcome to Bairds Mainfreight Primary School.

Hero and KiwiSchools Apps

Hero App

The ‘Hero’ app is used for:

  • BMPS communication and newsletters 
  • to access your child’s learning
  • to access your child’s assessment information 
  • to access your child’s reports

How to sign into your Hero Account:

     1. Download the Hero app from The App Store OR Google Play.                     

     2. Select “New User

  • Your account will be set up by BMPS using the email address you gave the school. Use this address to request a password

     3. Add your email address

  • Select the “request Password Link”

     4. Check your email

  • Hero will send you an email with a link to follow

     5. Follow the link

  • This will take you to a secure page to enter your chosen password

     6. If you have problems logging in, please check with the BMPS office staff to make sure they have the correct details for you.


KiwiSchools App QR/Download Instructions

BMPS is now using the KiwiSchools app. The app will help parents to report absences and BMPS will use the app to share newsletters and to send notifications to parents and caregivers.

To download the app please go to the App/Play store and search for KiwiSchools Connect. Once downloaded you can select Bairds Mainfreight. In settings you can adjust the categories that you wish to be subscribed to.


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