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Welcome back to Term 4! Online learning is available for your child in their Google Classroom. Learning packs are available for pickup from the pataka kai on Edward Ave if you did not pick one up on Monday 18th October.

Eating Healthy

BMPS is a Health Promoting School and recognises the importance of eating healthy food. When your child starts at BMPS, we ask that you sign a healthy food policy document. The purpose is to encourage the school community to provide healthy food options for the children at school by prohibiting certain foods and drinks at school.


  • All families will be notified about food and drink items that are not allowed at school.

  • The school will incorporate Healthy Eating programmes as part of the school’s Health Education and Health Promoting Schools programme.

  • The following food and drink items are not permitted at BMPS on normal school days:

    • Large bags of chips and similar products.

    • Any form of fizzy drinks, cans or bottles of juice or similar (milk and water only).

    • Any energy or high caffeine drinks.

    • Pies that do not have the Healthy tick.

    • Fast foods such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc.

    • Large cookies or packets of biscuits.

    • Chocolate bars or sweets except when provided by the school on special occasions.

If the items above are brought to school they will be confiscated and not returned. A basic alternative lunch will be provided for the child.

Banned under Healthy Food Policy