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News update

BMPS News Updates – 12th June 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We have had another great week at BMPS with more than 90% of our children back at school. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health have told us that unless there are exceptional circumstances all children should be back at school now.

Until further notice we will be continuing to follow the same guidelines that we have had in place for the past few weeks. This includes no parents in the school grounds and gates opening at 8.30am.

Due to our children just being back at school and the focus being on student well-being, we will not be reporting and assessing our children this term.

Covid-19 Reminders:

  • To ensure the safety of our school and community it is vital that we all work together. Here are our expectations in regards to student health and wellbeing.
  • Any student who presents at school with Covid -19 symptoms will be sent home with a request that they be tested.
  • If you are keeping your child/children home because they have any of the above symptoms, please phone your GP or contact the Healthline 0800 611 116 or attend your nearest Covid-19 testing centre.
  • The return to school is dependent on a negative result, (you must send a copy of the test results to the school office) and for the student to have had 48 hours without any symptoms. The test results normally take 24 hours and are sent by text to the caregivers phone.

News from the Ministry of Education ­– Zones for Otara Schools

The MoE have decided that all schools in Otara must have Enrolment Schemes in place for the start of 2021. Enrolment Schemes are commonly known as School Zones and are used to control and equalise the roll numbers across an area.

Children who are already at BMPS will continue to attend here but once the scheme is in place we are not allowed to enrol children who live outside the school zone. If the school has spaces available a ballot will take place in term 4 to determine which out of zone children can be enrolled. The first priority for the ballot is siblings of children who already attend BMPS.

The official notice below is from the Ministry of Education and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and send your thoughts and comments about the Enrolment Scheme to our board of trustees who will then forward them on to the Ministry of Education.

More information about the proposed Enrolment Scheme is available on our website

Proposed Enrolment Scheme For Bairds Mainfreight Primary School

The Bairds Mainfreight Primary School Board of Trustees is in the process of implementing an enrolment scheme as directed by the Ministry of Education under section 11H(1) of the Education Act 1989.

The proposed zone is available for viewing on the school website:

All students who live within the home zone shall be entitled to enrol at the school. Further guidelines and instructions on how the scheme operates are available on the website, as well as frequently asked questions.

Members of the community are invited to send their comments regarding the proposed enrolment scheme in writing to:

The Board of Trustees,

Bairds Mainfreight Primary School,

12 - 16 Edward Avenue

OTARA 2023


Closing date for community feedback Monday 13th July.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Level 1 freedom but please take care and continue to keep yourself and your Whanau safe.


Alan Lyth

About us

Bairds Mainfreight Primary School is set in the heart of Otara, Auckland. Our student roll is mainly of Maori and Pasifika decent, reflecting the rich and wonderful cultures of our community.

The school's core business is children's learning. We have top quality teachers who provide teaching and learning experiences to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve and to become successful life-long learners.

We are proud of our school, and the wonderful relationship we have with our community. We firmly believe that this home-school partnership ensures quality education for all of our students.

Principal's Message

Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Greetings from all of us at Bairds Mainfreight Primary School (BMPS).

I am delighted to be the principal of Bairds Mainfreight and to welcome you all to our school community. Our community is unique in that it includes Mainfreight as our fantastic primary supporter. The rest of the community, parents, teachers, support staff, extended whanau, Board of Trustees and of course the children, are equally amazing.

At Bairds Mainfreight we believe that relationships are the key to successful teaching and learning. Our wonderful teachers and ancillary staff work very hard to make everyone feel welcome and to ensure that our motto, Anything is Possible, is lived out on a daily basis.

I am one of the truly lucky ones who gets out of bed in the morning and genuinely looks forward to getting to work in order to see what will unfold. Feedback from those visiting the school reinforces how fortunate I am to be working this school, where the children work hard, try hard, play hard, and have fun every day.

At BMPS we have high standards and expectations for all our children and an inclusive culture where all children are supported in order to achieve their full potential, educationally, socially, culturally and in sports.

If you are thinking about enrolling your children here please contact the office to arrange a time to come in and meet with one of my team.