A Collection of BMPS Photo Albums

2021 photos

Our Kahu tamariki did an amazing job cleaning up the rubbish at Ōtara Creek. Kaitiaki of our local environment

2020 photos

On 21st March 2020 the whole school visited Totara Park.

On 28th March 2020, the Tui team visited Uncle Bruce on Waiheke Island.

All of BMPS celebrated literacy day together in July.

BMPS joined in with 'Wig Wednesday' to help support Kiwi kids with cancer.

In December, Team Kiwi presented The Little Nativity

Year 6 graduation 2020

2019 Photos

Duffy and his friends came to BMPS on 20th Feb 2019 to teach us about the importance of reading books.

The middle syndicate went to visit Waiheke Island on Thursday 7th March 2019.

During term 1 2019, Coach Rochelle organised Have a Go day for the whole school.

The Junior School visited Butterfly Creek in Term 2 2019 for our learning pathways unit on dinosaurs.

BMPS created artwork for their very own 'Countries From Around the World' art exhibition.

Come and see BMPS dancing for Cook Island Language Week 2019

At the end of term 3, BMPS held a spectacular culture festival.

BMPS Reporters

Please enjoy the assembly item from Rooms 21 and 23.

In term 4 2019, the Science in a Van team visited the junior school.